"Talent and Commitment of the Top-quality Technical and Managerial Staff."

Underlying L.I.S. International Co., Ltd.'s uninterrupted growth are the talents and comitment of the top quality technical and managerial staff who team up to maintain consistently high quality standards and production descipline.

Quality Policy

"We commit to continuously develop production in order to obtain the best product and service for our customers' satifaction."

Above statement is our philosophy that all our employees realize and aim to build customers' satisfaction. We have therefore never stop to develop all parts of organization better.

Environmental Policy
  • Strictly follow the environment law, customers requirement and other related environmental rules.
  • Focus on saving resources and energy usage with high effecient output.
  • Creat awareness of employees by educating of company environmental policy and understanding of environmental impact.
  • Promote and ask for surrounding communities coorperation to set up environmental activities.
  • Publish environmental information of company to public.
  • Strictly control dangerous substances used in production.
  • Consistently and continuously improve environmental activities, also activity management systems.