November 27, 2018


“We produce with the modern hi-tech machinery in order to gain the best reliable quality products for our customers.”

We focuses on both general and automotive markets, both domestic and international market which can be divided into four main categories as the followings.

1. Needle Punch Carpet which made from Polypropelene Fiber (PP) and Polyester Fiber (PET) These products are widely used in various industries such as floor for exhibition cover, including automotive for floor mat.

2. Synthetic Fiber Felt inclueds of soft and hard types which is often used in the automotive industry and other industries.

3. Non Woven which can be applied to use in many industries such as automotive, interiors, clothing, bedding, stationery, furniture and electrical appliances depending on each customers’ demand.

4. Natural fiber fabric is made from Kenaf and Jute which is mostly used in the automotive industry for door trim, shelf, or other parts in car.

In addition to production of the mentioned 4 product categories above, our company also have made-to-order products depending on our customers’ requirements which are various in each industry. Our customers can determine the kind of product, type of material, size, thickness, and other qualifications of each products required.